Student Peer Mentors


Alex Cox

Hometown: Willard, Utah
Major: BS Communications Digital Motion Pictures Production Emphasis
Favorite Place to Study: When I lived at the dorms I really liked studying at the library, I like how quiet it is in the library. Now that I live far from campus I just study at my desk, sometimes when I really need to focus i’ll go back to the library.
Best Part About Being a Peer Mentor: I like how rewarding being a Peer Mentor is. It is nice to be here and be able to answer questions that I knew I had when I was a Freshmen. I also like seeing my students decide on majors, it’s cool to see their excitement as we look over classes for the degree they want. It’s nice to be able to work somewhere where you know you are helping others and making a difference in their lives.
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Jerrett Holdaway

Hometown: Hurricane, Utah
Major: BS Integrated Studies in Biology & Chemistry
Favorite Place to Study: 4th floor in the Holland building in one of the study rooms
Best Part About Being a Peer Mentor: The best part by far is when you can actually see that you have helped someone get through something that they were struggling with or didn’t understand.
Advice for incoming Freshman: Erase your high school mentality of school/learning or at the very least, open yourself to adapt to change.
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Sarah Laurel Wilson

Hometown: La Verkin, Utah
Major: BS Math Education
Favorite place to study: By the fireplace at home.
Best Part About Being a Peer Mentor: When I’m trying to teach someone something and you see it click in their head. Also meeting so many people!
What advice would you give to incoming freshman: Don’t stress about all the small stuff. Look forward to the future, or even just the next day. Life goes on.
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Jessica White

Hometown: Santa Clara, UT
Major: BS Integrated Studies – Human Communication & Sociology
Favorite place to study: My favorite place to study is in the Holland Building level 2M
Best Part About Being a Peer Mentor: My favorite thing about being a peer mentor is the awesome freshman that I get to work with!
What advice would you give to incoming freshman: My advice would be to begin higher education with a purpose. You don’t have to know what you are majoring in right away, but you should have the intent to graduate and be successful.
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Coy A. Cox

Hometown: St. George, UT
Major: BS Criminal Justice
Favorite place to study: At Denny’s with Cheese Fries
Best Part About Being a Peer Mentor: Watching students turn weaknesses into strengths in classes that they struggle with.
What advice would you give to incoming freshman: Don’t ever tell yourself “I can’t” in a class. Set goals and fight for those goals. Overall, just believe in yourself.
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