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Mission Statement

Event Services & Risk Management supports the University’s Mission by producing quality-centralized academia and event scheduling, guest services, event production, ticketing, parking management, risk management and safety excellence. We will accomplish our mission by using our resources effectively and efficiently performing in a secure and safe manner.

Core Objectives

  1. Centralized Scheduling provides user-friendly technology and collaborative coordination with University organizations and the community for the best use of facilities. Insures University policy and procedure requirements are accomplished.
  2. Event Production provides audio and visual support for events and activities to increase artistic and educational excellence within the campus community. Accomplished through vast professional services including, production design, installation, A/V media, entertainment technology, staffing, and event management.
  3. Guest Services provides opportunities and convenient services for the campus community and fulfills the Gardner Center charge. Accomplished by providing a wide range of services for educational, cultural, and recreational activities.
  4. Ticketing Office provides centralized ticketing sales, distribution and management for events, performances, activities, athletics, and community functions. Accomplished through efficient, competitive and convenient ticket pricing and services.
  5. Parking Management provides adequate, reasonably convenient and safe parking access for all students, employees, and visitors to the campus community. Accomplished through economical pricing, parking enforcement, and coordinated management of resources.
  6. Risk Management and Safety provides for a safe and healthy environment for the University community in which to learn, work, and recreate. Accomplished through effective risk and emergency management, campus community education and training, fire, health, and life safety prevention, inspections and compliance.

Core Values



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