Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements

Residency Reclassification Verifications

Utah law outlines the requirement for student residency*. According to the code, a student must have maintained continuous residency in Utah for one full year before applying. Applicants must also sign a written declaration that they have relinquished residency in another state and submit objective evidence that they have established residency. Forms of proof include: Utah high school transcript, a Utah driver’s license, state tax return, existing voter registration, utility bill, pay stub, rental agreement. Residency applications are due seven days after the first day of classes.

Once you apply for residency reclassification you will need to provide proof of what you are claiming on your application. The following information is needed to provide that information:


  • Utah Driver’s License (obtained 3 months prior to applying for residency) or Utah Identification Card if you do not drive
  • Utah Vehicle Registration (if you have a car licensed in your name)
  • Proof of where you have been living for the past 12 months (lease agreement(s) or mortgage statement)
  • If under the age of 24, you must provide information that your parents are not claiming you on their taxes (1st page of their tax return showing dependents)

Supporting Documentation (provide as much as possible)

Voter Registration
Official mail received at your current address
Check stubs from working in Utah
Utility bill in your name at your current address
Utah Bank Account
Utah high school transcript
Explanation of extenuating circumstances
Providing this information does not guarantee you will be approved for residency reclassification.

All items are due prior to the end of the 2nd week of the semester to be considered for that semester.

Other possible ways to qualify

Dependent children and spouses of those who obtain full-time employment and move to Utah.

Certain individuals recruited or transferred to Utah with full-time employment.
Certain persons who have a parent who is a resident of Utah.
Persons who marry a Utah resident. (The spouse must be a Utah resident before the marriage.)
Active-duty military personnel with current duty station in Utah can pay resident tuition while they are stationed here. Also, there are some exceptions for certain military members who are deployed while attending school.
Native Americans who are registered on the tribal rolls of Tribes whose lands are contiguous to Utah (documentation required).
*Note: WUE, Nonresident Alumni Legacy, and Good Neighbor recipients are not eligible to apply for residency for tuition purposes using the time spent receiving the waivers. For more detailed information regarding residency requirements, please refer to the Utah System of Higher Education’s website or feel free to contact the Admissions Office at 435-652-7777.